Track Record


An investigation to determine whether Lucent Technologies inflated inventory, revealed that the company was choking its parking lots with empty trailers to present the appearance of a flourishing business.  A witness indicated that the warehouse parking lot was so full of trailers that the fire chief ordered Lucent to move them out because it created a fire code violation.


In a consumer class action alleging that banks inappropriately reversed the order of customer debits from highest to lowest to maximize the number of overdrafts, a witness explained that a consulting firm devised the practice and took a cut of the fees. This type of evidence is critical to building cases to protect consumers from overreaching by financial institutions.


David has worked on many high-profile cases at Milberg LLP. For example, in the early stages of the WorldCom accounting scandal, David discovered that WorldCom improperly held receivables on its books owed to it by bankrupt clients or clients disputing that they owed WorldCom money. David also worked on the Martha Stewart insider trading case.  In addition, David has conducted investigations in major cases involving Vodafone, Chiron, CVS, and the mutual fund and subprime lending industries. He has also worked on a number of antitrust matters involving the food industry.

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