Private Investigator Makes His Trained Instincts available to Orthodox communities, Home Healthcare, and Nanny/Live-In network

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After more than twenty years of investigative experience and conducting background checks while servicing the private and government business sectors, Private Investigator David J. Cohen sees another niche he can fill and also give back to the Jewish community.

Through discreet and thorough background investigation, Cohen can provide peace of mind to men and women and their families entering marriages, when, for example, the couple may know each other only a few months before a wedding ceremony.

“I’m very discreet, I’m careful who I contact,” Cohen says, citing his deep familiarity with yeshivas, rabbinical circles and the Orthodox community in general. “You have to know the language to use. I’m not coming in as an outside investigator. I’m able to walk the line between being discreet and getting the info.”

Sara Freed, a certified relationship and divorce coach in Brooklyn, N.Y., says nearly 30 percent of first-time marriages in the Orthodox community end in divorce, and the number is even higher — about 50 percent — for second marriages. Overall she thinks hiring a private investigator to inquire into the background of a potential match is a good idea because it produces more comprehensive results than a shadchan would have access to.

“But like anything new it would be a different way of going about the Orthodox shidduch process,” Freed says. “Like everything else it would take time to pick up [popularity].” She compares it to other challenging topics she’s come across in her four years of working with couples.

“One of the most difficult things is to talk about money in a marriage. Just because it’s uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Investigating a potential partner could come under that same category.”

Raised in the Orthodox community in Monsey, New York, Cohen now resides in Annapolis, Md., and serves clients along the East Coast from the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., area to Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. Pursuing justice and looking out for someone’s best interests is a strong vein in Cohen’s character, and he’s cultivated those innate abilities since childhood. Honing his skills is a life long pursuit.

In addition to hard cold facts that he can quickly and precisely uncover with respect to someone’s legal or financial background, Cohen zeroes in on body language, reactions and even intuits information from a first impression someone might make in person or over the phone.

Cohen says: “Usually my gut instinct has led me in the correct direction. Following your intuition is the way to go.”

In addition, at a time when an increasing number of people are searching for affordable in-home assistance — such as nannies, babysitters and home health care providers — background checks to ensure a loved one’s health and safety is another service Cohen can provide.

To contact David Cohen about rates and availability call 917/301-0430 or email djc@djcinvestigativegroup.com.


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